C7H 6X4 Prime Mover

External Dimensions


* MC13.54-50 Engine comes from Germany Brand D26;

* ZF 12 speed AMT with Retarder;

* Germany Brand tech front/Rear axles, disc brake; single reduction rear Axle;

* Germany Brand Tech TGA Frame /Cab;

* Alloy rim/air tank/fuel tank/Air suspension to reduce tare weight

* Active safety function( EBS+ESC+AEBS+ACC+HSA+LDWS+FCWS);

* Driver safety airbag;

* 4-point air suspension cabin/Electric windows/Electric Mirrors/Central lock with remote control;

* ZF steering pump /Continental Color display;

* Fleet Management system;

* Tetragonal camera/360-degree loop vision camera;

* ISRI Ventilated heated seat(with armrests);

* Cab refrigerator(30L);

* Parking air conditioner;

* Sleeper Switch;

* LED automatic sensing headlights;

* Long acting crude fuel filter;

* Brake disc wear alarm;

* 50#/90# Cast turntable;

* 220V-1000W inverter;

* 240Ah Battery;

* 600+370L Fuel tank/ 90L adblue tank;

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SITRAK is a high-end brand of SINOTRUK, a collaboration between SINOTRUK and German company Man.